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Project Name

Eco Ville

Mavrovo-Rostuša, North Macedonia

Hotels & Resorts

Eco Ville is the place of immense beauty that offers its guests a return to simple human pleasures in an environment of refined authenticity and sensuality.

The project has been developed in an eco-conscious and thoughtful manner, as the ultimate retreat for families, couples and world-class hunters, refined dining and outdoor activities.

The project is compose of the following;

  • The Lodge - 20 key Mountain Hotel

  • 3 Bedroom Rustic Villas - 4 Nos. 181 sqm each

  • 2 Bedroom Rustic Villas - 8 Nos. 84 sqm each

  • 1 Bedroom Chalets - 8 Nos. 72 sqm each

  • Organic Farm

  • Stables and Dressage Arena

  • Outdoor Activities Area (Archery, Cable Park, Hiking)

  • Fish Farm

Eco Ville is designed as a state of art Sustainable Development that :

  1. Helps preserve clean air and water by implementing sustainable and environmental policies and standards for housekeeping, facility maintenance, landscaping and transportation

  2. Manages and reduces waste by implementing sustainable and environmental policies and standards that address the "Five Rs" of waste management: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Remove

  3. Conserve and reduce energy by implementing sustainable and environmental policies, standards and systems including the use of energy efficient equipment

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